Meet Malik, a smooth talking, charismatic, good-looking guy, who grew up on the streets selling drugs. We are drawn to him and trust him. This appeal hasn’t been lost on Attorney Figueroa who sees Malik at the same coffee shop every morning. One day he approaches Malik with an offer too good to be true. He seems to know a lot about Malik, that he’s out on bail awaiting a trial that could put him in jail for ten years and that he was busted with $1.5 million worth of cash and product. Figueroa’s offer seems outrageous and, even more so, unbelievable. Malik will become a divorce mediator. Learn the right stuff to do and say then mediate Figueroa’s divorce and manage the outcome to be in Figueroa’s favor. Can this be real?

Malik studies and Figueroa dresses him the part of a high price divorce mediator. Right down to a Bentley with personalized plates. It works like a charm. No one doubted Malik as the Mediator. And Figueroa was good to his word, but soon after his divorce he is brutally murdered. Who killed him remains a mystery. Mediator’s enthusiasm about his new profession outweighs his concern about Figueroa’s death. Malik has a new name and identity. He goes by Mediator. Using everything Figueroa taught him, he starts rigging divorce outcomes for prominent clients. All brought to him by Figueroa’s closest friend, Greco. Greco is a dark mysterious man who charges Mediator a hefty percentage for recruiting affluent clients. First, he mediates Greco’s daughter’s divorce and things look like they are going great for our Mediator. He helps make divorce more profitable than cocaine. Suddenly Detroit, the owner of the confiscated $1.5 million, demands his money and strong-arms Mediator to sell his latest product - people. Human trafficking.

Mediator feels sick and you see a human side to him that he hides most of the time. He doesn’t know what to do so he turns to his lifelong best friend Jim Bo, a girl as tough as any guy on the street. Together these two can do anything. At least they feel that way, until they find out Greco’s true identity. He is a retired Mafia hitman who murdered his closest friend, Attorney Figueroa. The affluent clients that Greco recruited are all associates of the Mafia. Mediator chillingly discovers that he is forever married to the mob and the last person looking to divorce himself away from them was Figueroa. He is poised to mediate the most important case of his life – his own.

We watch Mediator work his way in and out of every bad situation that gets thrown his way. The series is shocking at times, raw, hits home, makes you love and hate him all at once. Makes you hope the best for a guy that will be begging for the days when he was simply Malik.

Replaced by hatred and thoughts of the unthinkable.

How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

Emotions run deep, deep enough to murder.

The person you married is not the person you're divorcing. When do you truly know who you married? When you divorce. But don't take my word for it. Just ask Paul McCartney, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan - their wives hired a professional just like me. Well maybe not exactly. - MEDIATOR

In divorce, most fall in love with the fight. The more they fight, the higher the profits. Just as long as each feels they're winning, I'm doing my job. Divorce is my new drug. It is more profitable than cocaine and the users come in pairs. - MEDIATOR

" The pilot script is an entertaining read. Well written. Impressive.
Michael Vamosy
Chief Creative Officer

" Memorable characters that simply come to life on the page.
Tamara Smith Roldan
Creative Director

" The pilot script is a page-turner. It's fast paced. It's smart. It's unlike anything on television.
Andre Gilkey

Although open for debate, Greco hands down is the most wicked character. Deceitful yet lovable. Caring yet murderous. Combine the wickedness of Aakifah, twice the intellect of the Mediator then sprinkle a little Jim Bo salt, you might get close to the ruthlessness of a mafia family's number one man.

The Mediator
Mr. Greco
Jim Bo

Robb Brown The Mediator

Robb Brown

The Mediator

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Jaime Andrade

Attorney Figueroa

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By now, you and I must be on the same page. By now, you know that I'm motivated by money. Period. Fact, divorce shells out more cash than the wedding itself. I want that cash. I need that cash. That said, why should I torture myself listening to all this deep-seated emotional bullshit that comes before my fee. It's torture. It's useless. It's a serious problem. But hey, every problem has a solution. I tell all my clients - "Take this camera. Talk to it. Release those deep-seated emotions that are buried inside of you. Blocking your ability to more forward. Once released, together, we will start building your new life." Problem, solved. Sounds like I care right. I don't.

Photos by Delmy Gooch

see all "behind the scenes" picture -- CLICK HERE
see all "behind the scenes" picture -- CLICK HERE

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